Zoll M Series Defibrillator

Looking for the best in defibrillators today? Try the Zoll M defibrillator, designed to help in any critical life saving situation, whether you are an experienced professional involved in life saving on a regular basis or are a novice lifesaver who has intervened in a critical situation.

Zoll M Series

Zoll M Series

The Zoll M Defibrillator is the smallest and lightest defibrillator in its class. With the features you need for the best viewing and the easiest handling, while also providing you the power needed with a slim battery charger and a built in power source.

With the Zoll M Defibrillator, you can receive the quality and innovation you expect from Zoll. With their defibrillators, Zoll has created a product that gives the rescuer vital information in an emergency situation. With innovative electrodes, an easy to read control panel and smart technologies that can help the rescuer in a life saving situation, the Zoll M Defibrillator offers a range of features. Developed with the latest in smart technologies, the Zoll M can help you understand the true state of your patient throughout the life saving process.

The Zoll M has several unique features that are designed to improve performance and make the job easier.

– The Zoll M Defibrillator is the smallest, lightest, most advanced defibrillator on the market today that also has all the capabilities you’ll ever need in a life saving situation. Weighing in at only 11 pounds, the Zoll M Defibrillator is half the weight and a third the size of any unit in its class. This size advantage can allow you to be mobile with your defibrillator, making this the ideal choice for those who need a mobile unit.

– An improved operating system, the Zoll Uniform Operating System, is clear to read and understand. With controls that are consistent and easy to understand, users can quickly see and process the information available to them. Menus that intuitive can help keep training costs to a minimum, as well as lower the risk of user errors. With a high quality screen, users can see patient data from a variety of angles and act appropriately and quickly.

Zoll M Series Defibrillator

Zoll M Series Group

-The Zoll M Defibrillator also offers a patented system of external pacing. This unique pacing system offers the best in capturing information at a lower mean threshold. This pacing system allows for patients to feel more comfortable and allow for patients to better tolerate the treatments.

Another proprietary system from Zoll available on the Zoll M Defibrillator, the Rectilinear Biphasic waveform, provides the user and the patient lower energy and current, which ensures the highest levels of safety for your patients. Additionally, the 40-msec Rectilinear Pacing waveform provides the best shock delivery of any defibrillator out there.

– The Zoll M Defibrilator also offers the best in documentation for any and all cardiac events. The defibrillator boasts both an internal memory, as well as PCMIA cards that allow for the easiest archiving and date transfer. In addition to these easy options, the Zoll M offers a new, innovative data management system: Code Net. Code Net is a new advance in data management for defibrillators, giving the user the option to manage all the data in a PDA. With CodeNet, your PDA can receive the information, allowing for easy access to your data whenever you need it. Record keeping has never been easier with the Zoll M Defibrillator and the range of options offered to manage your patient data.

– Zoll’s unique electrodes and paddles can give you the advantage you need in a critical situation. With specialized electrodes, the Zoll M Defibrillator offers lifesavers electrodes that feed information about the patient directly the AED. In addition, these electrodes will also record the actions being performed on the patient. All of this information can help you make smart treatment decisions in a situation where time makes the difference.

Typically, your ordinary AED may come with two electrodes. But the Zoll M Defibrillator offers the option of a one-piece pre-connected electrode. This option allows the user to spring into action faster, without having to look for two electrodes before beginning the rescue. These pads also are guaranteed to last five year, the longest in the AED industry.

– The most unique feature of the Zoll M Defibrillator is the ability for the machine to respond to your actions when performing CPR. This system, called Real CPR is unique to Zoll and can help the most experienced rescuer to a novice use an AED. The process is simple, with the defibrillator telling you when to begin. If your compressions are not hard enough, the defibrillator will recognize your actions and tell you to push harder. If you are working at the right pace and your compressions are the right strength, the Zoll M Defibrillator will let you know it. If you are not confident about the rate you are pushing, you won’t have to worry. With a metronome that will help you to find the correct rate, the Zoll M can help you save lives.

Zoll M Series Technical Specifications

Zoll M Series AED

Zoll M Series AED

– Add-ons can help you have the exact AED you need for your environment. The Zoll M Defibrillator offers the widest range of options for paddles, date transfer and technical components.
– The Zoll M Defibrillator offers both the latest in digital transmission or traditional fax transmission is offered for the 12-Lead ECG. These options allow for maximum flexibility in your data options.
– Pacing technology is top of the line on the Zoll M Defibrillator, with pulse oximetry / SpO2 uses Masimo signal processing technology. This technology solution allows for the most accurate measurements of patient information and allows for the rescuer to receive the best and most accurate information about their motion and the patient’s condition.
– A unique Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) defibrillator is part of the Zoll M defibrillator. This systemr offers single, stat, or fully automated functions for optimal patient assessment no matter the circumstances. Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) is also available.