Zoll M Series CCT

Zoll M series CCT Defibrillator

Zoll M series CCT Defibrillator

Transporting critical care patients is always a delicate situation, especially when they are a cardiac patient and you need to use a defibrillator to monitor their every beat. The Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator has the capability to closely watch the rest of a patient’s vital signs, as well, though, making sure that the rest of their body is functioning as it should. This provides health caretakers, such as EMTs, Emergency Room physicians and nurses, and other providers with crucial information about what is going on inside the patient and gives clues to where any other problems lie within.

The Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator has a great biphasic defibrillator function. Biphasic defibrillation means that the defibrillator alternates the direction of the pulses. When this method is applied to an external defibrillator, such as the Zoll M Series CCT, it largely decreased the amount of energy needed to complete successful defibrillation. This means that there is a less chance of burns on the patient.

Zoll M Series CCT Capabilities

External Pacing. This means no invasive procedures to watch your health. All that is required is to be hooked up to the machine. This will easily monitor all of a patient’s vital health signs.

Complete Monitoring. This device is capable of monitoring a patient’s temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and also respiratory rate all at once. This will help the qualified person watching the monitor assess the information about what is happening and assist in coming to some very crucial conclusions and decisions, quickly.

Zoll M series CCT Defibrillator

Zoll M series CCT Defibrillator

A Multi-Application Printer. The printer that is part of the Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator has the capability to print all of the events that are currently in motion at the same time. Also, there is the ability to print partial reports of only certain events so as to narrow in on certain information as quickly as possible. The serves as a large benefits to both the patient and the health caretaker.

A Large Full-Color Display. A full-color display makes the screens more visible. This also makes each set of information more easy to identify. This also makes important information stand out, such as how many Joules (J) are available for a shock, if need be (it should automatically be defaulted to 200J and read so on the screen for you).

This M Series CCT defibrillator also features a three-channel display, which can show a display for an electrocardiogram (otherwise known as an EKG or ECG) and two invasive pressures with ranges that will cover central venous, intracranial pressure, and arterial or pulmonary arterial – not to mention there are two temperature channels, as well. The Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator also gladly includes all the non-intrusive parameter options, such as SpO2, EtCO2, NIBP, and a fully-interpretive 12-lead ECG.

Zoll M Series CCT Features

The Zoll XL Battery for longer transport times. Zoll created this battery specifically to make their defibrillators last longer so they could receive a more thorough read of the symptoms and vital information of a patient. This is especially essential for patients that have a long transport time to a hospital. The XL battery makes sure that the health caretakers never lose sight of how their patient is doing on the trip.

Transport-ready design. Being lightweight makes this defibrillator easily transportable and gives health caretaker the ability to take action quickly when necessary.

Easy-to-read display. As previously stated, it is absolutely necessary to have a display that can be easily interpreted. The success of the patient’s life may depend upon it.

M Series technology and simplicity. Other M Series models are also carry simple display, biphasic waveform and external pacing. It is the M Series models that makes defibrillation data documentation easily obtainable.

Zoll M SeriesFull range of parameters for a full range of patients. The M Series includes SpO2, EtCO2, NIBP, and a 12-lead EKG. Sp02 measures the amount of oxygen attached to the hemoglobin cell. EtCO2 stands for the End-Tidal carbon dioxide which measures the amount of ventilation and monitors patients, making sure that they do not suffer from respiratory failure. NIBP is the measurement of a patient’s blood pressure and the 12-lead EKG monitors how the patient’s heart is functioning.

Flexible color display. The color display helps differentiate between the types of information that are shown.

Quick and easy connections. A patient and a caretaker should never have to wait for the patient’s vital to show up when there is a critical care situation at hand. There should never be any reason that a patient should suffer any type of discomfort, let alone risk their life, because of a faulty and slow device.

Ready to gather and share critical data. The Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator provides the health caretaker with critical information about the patient’s health second by second. Without its prompt response mechanism to all of the gathered information, there could be critical pieces of the medical puzzle that would be missing. A second is all that it takes to change a patient’s future.

Thanks to the Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator, a second is all it takes make that patient’s future much brighter, providing peace of mind and a safety net for all the unexpected possibilities that might surprise a health caretaker along the way, midway through transport to care. Zoll has produced a more efficient and productive device for the health and medical industries to utilize. All of this technology, and they still find ways to update the software for the Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator that was built with both patients and the users in mind. The new upgraded kits have the ability to improve CPR and minimize interruptions to the system. The Zoll M Series CCT defibrillator can tell the user the duration of CPR that should occur, including a prompt to check the patient’s pulse, a prompt to perform the action of CPR after each single shock and prompts for CPR intervals. Such a critical and useful machine can be used by all health caretakers and save so many patients’ lives.