Zoll Lifevest

Woman wearing a Zoll Lifevest

The Zoll LifeVest AED is unique in that it offers the consistent comfort and serenity in knowing that it is the first FDA-approved (circa 2002) wearable defibrillator. The peace-of-mind of knowing that if and when a patient whom suffers from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) will always have an on-hand solution if anything were to present itself without warning. It is a non-intrusive resolution to a cardiac patient’s every worry. A simple concept as a wearable defibrillator such as the Zoll LifeVest has the capability to save lives within an instant.

The Zoll LifeVest can provide results without the help of even a bystander for an SCA patient. In fact, 98% of the results are accomplished through the first shock and without secondary help. The intelligence that the Zoll LifeVest has is unmatched. The ability to detect a potentially life threatening abnormal rhythm in a patient, especially when they are unconscious and unable to stop the arrhythmia themselves, is a feature that cannot be undervalued. This emergency defibrillator delivers an emergency shock to that continues to save lives. All of this occurs in under a minute. The Zoll LifeVest has been used and tested by over 13,000 patients, providing unequivocal results.

It is worn outside the body for comfort rather than having to be implanted in the chest. The Zoll LifeVest has two main pieces to the defibrillator that make up this distinctive product:

An electrode belt and garment that surrounds the patient’s chest. The electrodes are non-adhesives, so there will be no discomfort while they are to chest or with removal of any kind. Zoll LifeVest wants their SCA patients to be able to live their lives without the constant reminder that the LifeVest is there. Our product should be there for emergency, not to control the activity of the patient’s life.

A monitor the patient puts around their waist or wears as a shoulder strap. This monitor is a lightweight (around 1.8 pounds) monitor, providing easy access and carry. This lightweight feature is the smallest and lightest external emergency defibrillator on the market today.
Zoll Lifevest

Patients are always looking at the pros and cons of products to benefit their living conditions, a patient should consider the outstanding benefits that using the Zoll LifeVest, a wearable defibrillator, will bring you:

You will have constant monitoring. Our product records patient data. This will help diagnose and treat arrhythmic conditions of SCA patients.

You will always have immediate protection. There is an advanced VT/VF detection algorithm that is specifically tailored to each patient that wears the Zoll LifeVest defibrillator. This helps the automated system that treats unconscious or unresponsive patients in less than one minute.

You will have an overall peace of mind – finally. This product leaves the patient protected while figuring out the need for an ICD. If anything were to occur, the Zoll LifeVest is fully automated and is capable of being operated without the assistance of a bystander. This way, the response is quicker and the chances of recovery are heightened. Also, the patient is not a prisoner to the Zoll LifeVest. It is lightweight and small enough to allow normal movement and continuation of daily life activities.

Any patient interested in utilizing all that the Zoll LifeVest AED has to offer them should talk at length with their physician to determine whether or not they are a fit candidate for the product. While the Zoll LifeVest can save lives for SCA patients, people who currently have an ICD or any type of physical or mental anomaly that would impair their ability to operate the Zoll LifeVest would not be appropriate candidates for this product.

The Zoll LifeVest is not difficult to learn how to use. It is much like riding a bike, in that, it may take a patient a few tries to familiarize themselves with product and get used to using it. Most patients, though, become quickly acquainted and the Zoll LifeVest rapidly becomes a part of their daily routine. However, in order to use this device, a patient must be able to:

Use their hands to thread the electrode belt through the garment. This is what holds the vest to the chest and supplies the patient with easy access and quick reply.

Zoll Lifevest

Zoll Lifevest

See the prompts on the monitor screen and the buttons on the control module. Without this ability, the patient is not capable to respond to the unnecessary shock alerts and prevent the unnecessary shock while conscious.

Press and hold down the control module buttons. Again, while Zoll LifeVest has a less than 1% unnecessary shock rate per month, this is also due to the cooperation of the patient working with the device to stop these shocks when conscious and unneeded. If a patient cannot press or hold down the control module buttons, they may suffer an unnecessary shock to themselves.

Hear the alarms. When a patient begins to suffer from an episode of arrhythmia of some kind, alarms sound to let the patient know. If the patient is conscious, they have the ability to then hold down the response buttons until the episode is over. If the patient loses conscious and releases the response button, the Zoll LifeVest will then release the first shock in order to restore the patient’s heart beat back to normal rhythm. This lifesaving device alerts the patient and can read the patient’s health standing and heart rate.

This wearable defibrillator has very few side effects, thanks to the fact that it is worn outside of the body. The most common side effect is a small temporary rash caused by the electrodes. However, a patient must remember that even though the Zoll LifeVest is water resistant, it is not water proof and should not be placed into water. Prior to a patient taking a shower or bathing of any kind, the patient is required to remove the Zoll LifeVest so as not to break the device or cause harm to their own bodies. Also, there is a less than 1 percent chance of unnecessary shock per month to a patient. The patient is supplied with a response button to communicate with the Zoll LifeVest, preventing any type of potential unnecessary shock to them while they are conscious.

A cardiac arrest can occur abruptly and with the help of the Zoll LifeVest, a patient’s life can and will be saved.