Zoll E Series

Zoll E Series AED

Zoll E Series AED

The Zoll E series AED designed by Zoll Systems is one of the most revolutionary automatic external defibrillators available on the market today. This device is so amazing, because it is the first, and only defibrillator of its kind to be designed by and for EMS teams. This AED is so advanced, that it far surpasses many others out on the field, and it so easy to use that even those with lay knowledge of defibrillation can own and operate the Zoll E series automatic external defibrillator.

What makes the Zoll E Series stand out in its class are the many configurable options, and easy data transfer that ensures that patient information is delivered to where it needs to be without the mess and wasted time of paper. When a patient is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, response must the prompt, and treatment must be applied not only at the site, but at the hospital afterward. The convenient data transfer abilities of the Zoll E series AED take the stress and guesswork out of saving lives.

The Zoll E Series is one of the most durable AED’s on the market, meaning that whether a trained EMS crew, or a lightly trained professional is using the device, the patient can be the primary concern, rather than the wellbeing of the equipment. Each Zoll E series defibrillator comes equipped with a specially designed roll case, and soft carry case for this purpose. There is simply no sturdier model out there than the Zoll line of defibrillators.

Why is the Zoll E Series Defibrillator so Revolutionary?

The Zoll E series is special, thanks to unique features, like Real CPR help, which will work with the EMS team to monitor heart rate, and deliver real-time instructions on how to properly administer CPR to assist the patient. It is even able to determine whether or not CPR is needed, and the rate at which it should be applied. All the data of the CPR can also be reviewed later, through the RescueNet Code Review software.

No other defibrillator brand has the transparency and functionality of See-Thru CPR, which allows filtration of the CPR artifact during application. This filtering allows the EMS crew to see organized rhythms, without the interference of compressions to the artifact.

The Zoll E series comes equipped with the newest roll cage and design, making it the most rugged, compact AED available. This sturdy frame allows it to be moved easily, without worrying about damaging delicate equipment. When a life is on the line, fragile electronics should be the last of the EMS team’s worries, which is why the Zoll brand is built to withstand jostling in an ambulance, impact on the ground, rough handling, and anything else the rescue team will put it through.

Zoll E Series

Zoll E Series

The Easy read Tri Mode Display will ensure that whether in daylight, or in pitch darkness, the rescue crew will be able to see the monitor. If there is a power outage, or an accident at night, no additional light source is needed in order to follow the instructions on the device, making it ideal for businesses, theme parks, and movie theaters. The multiple mode option ensures that information needed by rescue teams will always be readily available, and easy to read.

The rapid cable deployment system makes deploying this device easy, and ready to use at a moment’s notice, and the built in GPS and clock make for perfectly synchronized dispatches, defibrillations, and intervention call times. This ensures better data accuracy than is available in any other brand.

What are the Zoll E Series‘ top features?

The Zoll offers unrivalled Plug-And-Play functionality, ensuring that whatever software or equipment you are running, you can make the E series AED work for you. There are plug and play EtCO2 options as well.

The E series works in coordination with the Zoll sealed lead acid Smart Battery, or can be used with the rechargeable lithium ion battery, ensuring that you can easily restore power with a backup if the current battery charge expires.

The E series is one of the few AED’s that allows for Bluetooth operation, which makes data transfer to multiple destinations easy, and hands-free.

The Zoll E Series defibrillator is one of the few rare AED’s to use Zoll’s unique Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform, which is the only biphasic waveform with the FDA clearance that is superior to monophasic waveforms in ventricular fibrillation in patients.

What accessories does the Zoll E Series come with?

the Zoll E Series comes equipped with many options to allow additional functionality, such as:

  • The Tri mode Display – This unique display allows rescue teams to work in near darkness.
  • 3- Lead ECG cable for patients
  • A universal cable that increases the Zoll E Series’ functionality across multiple platforms.
  • Two rechargeable Lead Acid batteries, to ensure that the E series AED is always ready when needed.
  • A RS232 Data Transfer Port to assist in getting information to rescue workers immediately.
  • A roll cage, and rugged soft pack carry case for easy and safe transport.
  • An A/C power cord, as well as a 12″ extension power cord, in the event that an outlet is too far.
  • One package of recorder paper, which can be re-ordered easily.
  • Two PCMCIA slots
  • An operations manual that clearly instructs medical teams in the E series basics of use.
  • A one year Warranty for EMS teams.

Zoll AEDCardiac arrest happens suddenly, and emergency rescue isn’t always available the instant it’s required. With the aid of the Zoll E Series Automatic external defibrillator, you can be sure that you’re always prepared to handle any emergency defibrillation that is required, with minimal training. With the Zoll E Series, you can get the information that rescue teams will need to save lives. That’s why the Zoll AED’s are invaluable for any home or business with children, elderly, or those with fragile heart conditions. Don’t be caught unawares by sudden cardiac arrest. Be ready for it, with the proper equipment and training to save a life.