HeartStart MRX

HeartStart MRX Defibrillator and monitor

HeartStart MRX Defibrillator and monitor

The HeartStart MRX by Philip is a monitor and defibrillator. Its unique design combines Philip’s superior diagnostic measurements, their industry leading monitoring technologies and their patented SMART Biphasic resuscitation waveform. The HeartStart MRX is a very thought out, lightweight device. This particular model is loved by both hospital care providers and EMS responders as it provides a lot of best-in-class advantages that other monitor and defibrillators just don’t have. For example, the HeartStart MRX AED is said to have the longest battery powered operating time, a large color display and it comes in first for having the fastest shock time out of all defibrillators on the market.

HeartStart MRX Features

The following list is everything the HeartStart MRX is promised to have and why so many healthcare professionals choose this defibrillator over any other on the market today. The HeartStart MRX defibrillator has the following: task specific views, large, bright and easy to view display screen, a code view, its 12-lead view eliminates the need to resend information, the MRX can store up to 50 12-leads, it has a great monitor view, analysis will display on the screen, it has a device diagnostic mode, the longest defibrillator battery life on the market, temperature gages, it’s a monitor and defibrillator all in one lightweight device, training is provided by Philip’s clinicians and only Philip’s will provide ventilation monitoring during a code.

There is a wired and wireless networking capability that the HeartStart MRX has that is able to connect to the IntelliVue Clinical Network. This basically means that the waveforms, vitals and alarms on the MRX will stream in real-time over to the IntelliVue Information Center. After that; information will be viewed using a range of different Clinical Review Applications on the IntelliVue Network. This technology makes it a lot easier for clinicians to monitor their patients that are in cardiac cath labs, emergency departments or different chest pain rooms. The MRX supplies patients with added surveillance from the central station of those different departments. Caregivers, nurses and or doctors are able to respond to an emergency a lot faster if they have the MRX monitoring their patients.

Heartstart MRX monitor

Heartstart MRX monitor

The IntelliVue Clinical Network is an important network to health care professionals because it centralizes patient information by streamlining documentation and reporting information. The Joint Commission has guide lines set in place as to what the network has to supply. The HeartStart MRX defibrillator and monitor is designed to send continuous streaming of the different patient information directly to the IntelliVue Information Center. This ensures that all information and data needed is supplied and is then placed in the patients chart.

The MRX monitor and defibrillator has the capability to admit, discharge and transfer patients allowing the data to move right along with the patient. The time clock on the HeartStart MRX can be adjusted so that is matches right up with the clinical network. This is to ensure the synchronization of the patient information that needs to be delivered, recorded and documented. This should give a huge relief to both patients and their loved ones, as it assures them that any information needed is being recorded and being sent to be documented in the patients chart.

The HeartStart MRX AED also has plug and play capability. Due to the fact that the MRX is able to share the same algorithms, parameters and medical consumables as all the other Philip patient monitors and defibrillators their is no need for a patient to be re-cabled at handoffs. This will make a much smoother patient transfer for the caregivers and it will bring a heck of a lot less discomfort to the patient.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that we have come so far with the technology used throughout our healthcare system today. If any of us has a scare with a cardiac emergency, chances are we’ll all have a good shot at making it especially if technology like the HeartStart MRX is being used. The MRX model is also able to automatically store up to 12 hours of continuous ECG waveform and patient data including both therapy and drug markers. This helps to simplify joint commission and other information that is mandatory to be reported and again helps to simplify things for the caregiver. The MRX is able to either display the patient’s results on its screen to be read or you can print the patient’s results using its strip chart recorder.

If you’re a caregiver using the HeartStart MRX at home with your loved one it’s a good idea to take advantage of being able to transmit the patient’s information onto your PC. You’ll need the HeartStart Event Review Pro Data Management software. Once you have the software downloaded on your computer you’ll be able to compile, edit, share and archive all the patients’ information. This helps with quality control and reporting. It will also be a huge help to the hospital staff for you to be able to supply them with this information if need be.

The HeartStart MRX defibrillator and monitor has so many fantastic components that could really mean the difference between life and death for some patients. The MRX model has the largest display screen of any monitor/defibrillator you’ll find on the market today. This is very much appreciated by healthcare professionals as it allows them to read the information with ease and speed as such information being supplied is very critical. The MRX also has task specific monitoring views. The code view supplies the patient information largely and this helps for immediate recognition. The 12-lead view allows you to see all 12-leads at once and at the same time allows you with just one short glance to see that all the leads are connected properly and you have a good signal quality.

Heartstart MRX Defibrillator kit

Heartstart MRX Defibrillator kit

The monitor view allows for the information to be presented in just the way you need it. It will display four waves with all the matched-colored numeric data that is associated with the waves. The alarm information reads very fast, but can be silenced with just one push to the silence button. The monitor allows for easy configuration and customization whether at set up or using it on the fly. Last the device diagnostic mode provides you with at least one year of device readiness information as well as supplying you with a system log to test for errors and failed texts.

Research has shown in many different cases that hyperventilation can kill. The HeartStart MRX is the only ALS monitor and defibrillator on the market today that is able to monitor the critical ventilation activity: ventilation rate, volume and inflation time. It is also designed to provide up to date, real time personalized audio and visual feedback. It has been proven that the research about therapeutic hypothermia has stated the temperature of a patient needs to be continuously monitored. Along with the different protocols temperature can also be used to determine if a patient is coding or not. Recent studies have also proved that the use of CPR might be more vital than what we thought.

If the delivery of a shock from a defibrillator such as the HeartStart MRX is administered to a patient right after chest compressions have been given is very critical in the patient’s survival. The Philip’s Quick Shock feature on the MRX is able to deliver shock therapy to the patient in just eight seconds after chest compressions. Other devices have been proved to take two sometimes even three times the eight second time the MRX takes. The longer time reduces the likelihood of a shock success and it could potentially lead to the patient not surviving.