Philips Heartstart FR3

Philips Heartstart FR3

The Philips Heartstart FR3 Kit with Red Case

The HeartStart FR3 is an automated external defibrillator (AED) for professionals, such as ambulance staff, policemen and fireman. This product is used in emergencies to save the lives of people that have been struck by sudden cardiac arrest.  The Heartstart FR3 is their best professional-grade AED yet, and they’ve designed it to make lifesaving faster, easier, and better.

An automated external defibrillator or AED is a portable device that automatically diagnoses cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia which can be potentially life threatening.  It then administers electrical therapy as needed to reestablish an effective heart rhythm.

Philips is a trusted name in healthcare.  Their pledge is to, “Seek to improve the quality of people’s lives through focusing on their health and well-being. Quite simply, we want to help people live a healthy, fulfilled life.”

Philips helped chart the course for widespread use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) among professional responders as a global leader in defibrillation technology.  The HeartStart FR3 makes saving lives faster, significantly reducing deployment time by eliminating steps to help start the right therapy right away, whether it’s either CPR or defibrillation.  The HeartStart FR3 helps make the professional medical response team’s job easier because it is the smallest and lightest professional grade AED among leading global manufacturers.  And the HeartStart FR3 is better by supporting continuous improvement through optimizing training and fine tuning SCA response.

Faster Response Time Saves Lives

Closeup of the Heartstart FR3 AED

Closeup of the Heartstart FR3 AED

The HeartStart FR3 automatically powers on by opening the FR3 carry case so you can immediately focus on pad placement and get directly into treatment.  The peel and place pads are pre-connected so you don’t have to fumble opening pouches and lose valuable time. The FR3 offers guidance that is patient specific so you can determine immediately if defibrillation or CPR is the most appropriate therapy.

When a child’s life is in danger having to connect infant or pediatric pads wastes time that you don’t have.  With the HeartStart FR3 there is no need to change pads when responding to a pediatric cardiac arrest.  Just insert the infant/child key and the defibrillation therapy automatically decreases to the configured infant/child protocols.

The FR3 reduces CPR interruptions with its speed shock delivery system.  The Philips Quick Shock technology reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery to minimize CPR interruptions as recommended by the 2010 American Heart Association guidelines for CPR giving your patient a better chance at the best care possible.

Making Your Job Easier

At an amazingly small 3.5lbs the HeartStart FR3 is the smallest and lightest professional AED on the market.  That small size doesn’t reduce the FR3’s ability to perform to the highest standards.  The unit is tested to US military standards with protection against dust and water for the confidence that the AED will stand up to the demanding environment that rescuers work in on a daily basis.  In a fast paced situation, things can get jostled and bumped and dropped.  With the FR3’s drop and shock standards you know that your unit will still be working and ready when you need it.

A variety of case options ranging from softer small cases to larger rigid cases provides the perfect carrying solution to whatever your rescue needs are.

The Heartstart FR3 gives the confidence at a glance that it’s ready when you are.  A highly visible green status light tells you clearly that it’s operational.  There is no time for a unit that isn’t reliable.  The HeartStart FR3 performs daily, weekly, and monthly automated self-tests and gives clear, audible alerts to give you the peace of mind that you will never need to wonder if the unit will work when you need it to.  The long lasting battery won’t let you down with its typical capacity of 300 shocks or 12 hours of monitoring capability.

Language isn’t a barrier with the FR3.  The unit is bilingual configurable so the voice and text prompts can be easily and clearly understood even in bilingual work environments.

The bright, high-resolution color LCD can show text only or text with ECG so that even in the noisiest environments precious time won’t be lost and mistakes won’t be made.

Philips knows that practice makes perfect.  Using a rechargeable training battery and training pads, you can deliver a more realistic training program with the actual FR3 device.

SMART therapy

Philips is a pioneer in biphasic therapy in AEDs.  In 1996 Philips introduced the first biphasic waveform for external defibrillators and now it is the gold standard of care.   But all biphasic therapies are not alike.  Each manufacturer employs a different approach.  Philips SMART Biphasic is backed by more evidence than any other waveform in the industry.  Studies show that this waveform is highly effective at terminating arrhythmias while having a less negative impact on post-resuscitation myocardial function.  SMART biphasic’s optimal waveform formulation delivers high current at lower energy doses to help reduce the total energy delivered.  Philips uses real-time impedance compensation to automatically adjust the waveform to deliver shock strength personalized to the needs of each patient, starting with the first shock.

Only Philips AEDs offer Quick Shock technology which helps shorten the time between a shock and CPR.  This critical time difference may substantially influence the success of the shock returning circulation, which my improve survival.  The CPR metronome ensures even, consistent chest compressions.

Data Management

The HeartStart FR3 is extensively upgradeable to take advantage of advancements now and in the future. Data can be transferred via Bluetooth or a removable data card.  The FR3 data card can store up to 8 hours of ECG and event data or voice recording.

Philips tools make it easy for responders in the field to download and forward date to where it needs to be so they can focus on providing the best care.  Sometimes getting the information to the correct places means all the difference in saving a life.  With Philips data management solutions a responder can even forward a PDF of the presenting ECG to the patient’s cardiologist.

With HeartStart Event Review rescuers can review, annotate, print, and store AED cases in a database for responder debriefing.  With Event Review Pro you can provide a more in-depth assessment of intervention and patient response.

HeartStart’s Data Messenger can automatically route events from responder’s computers so that responders don’t have to manipulate software to move data.  Event data can arrive promptly and consistently at its destination.

Why the HeartStart FR3?

As a professional you need confidence and reliability.  The HeartStart FR3 is made by people who really take time to ensure their AED is at the head of the class in form, function, durability, and ease of use.