Philips HeartStart FR2+

Philips HeartStart FR2+ defibrillator

Philips HeartStart FR2+

The HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator is the ideal AED for trained professionals and response teams worldwide. Made by Phillips, this automated external defibrillator is designed to be as clean of design and as easy to use as possible, making it a good solution for those in the care industry, who need an AED ready at hand. The HeartStart FR2 defibrillator is quick acting, meaning that it can be ready to deliver life saving therapy to a patient within minutes of cardiac arrest.

The Quick Shock function of the HeartStart FR2 defibrillator means that treatment can be administered within only a few seconds, which will minimize the delay between defibrillation and CPR. Fewer interruptions to administration of CPR has been proven to increase chances of survival, so the Quick Shock capabilities of the HeartStart FR2 can truly mean the difference between life and death.

Easy to read and use, the HeartStart FR2 has an ECG model that will automatically administer defibrillation, and includes a manual override for highly trained response teams. This AED uses SMART analysis, Quick Shock, and SMART CPR. The HeartStart defibrillator is suitable for both children and infants, making it an invaluable tool in daycares and nurseries.

This AED system has options for FR2+ ECG assessments, and an optional rechargeable battery to ensure that you are never without this device when you most need it. The HeartStart FR2 can display text information, or it can display text as well as ECG readings. This machine offers voice and text commands to assist any users with minimal training in defibrillation.

Philips HeartStart FR2+ defibrillator pads

Optional adult pads for the HeartStart FR2+

The HeartStart FR2 can collect over eight hours of information in its memory, as well as hold recorded voice. This is ideal if you want to have instructions on the use of the machine recorded by a professional, or if you want to have an audio recording of your procedure. This AED has automated self testing, and an indicator light to let you know when it is ready to be used. The long battery life means that you can administer a minimum of 300 shocks before recharging, or you can monitor someone for up to 12 hours. This defibrillator is incredibly useful for nursing homes and hospices, as it can both administer treatment, and monitor heart rates for long periods of time. With the pad adapters on the HeartStart FR2, you can connect to most ALS defibrillator monitors.

Over 40 studies into the effectiveness of the FR2 Defibrillator have determined that it is one of the most effective therapy tools in the industry. The HeartStart FR2 can deliver a powerful shock from the first administration, while protecting the patient from the harmful side effects of electricity to a fragile heart. This means that therapy can be delivered right away, without worry about over shocking a delicate system.


Some patients, including those who are suffering from a long term cardiac arrest, have been shown to be more receptive to CPR administration before the defibrillation is applied. The HeartStartFR2 can be programmed to read the vitals of a heart, and determine if CPR will be effective in coordination with defibrillation. If CPR is recommended, both audio and text prompts will help the user take effective action right away.

The HeartStart FR2 is not recommended for those with no training in automatic defibrillation. While certainly easy to use, this model is best suited to trained personnel who are familiar with the use of AED devices. Training for this device, however, is very simple, and the ease of use and advanced capabilities make it perfect for laymen who need only minimal training.

It is highly recommended that any office, public gathering place, or school have one of these devices, and at least one person on staff who is trained to use it. Even the most unlikely candidates can suffer from unexpected cardiac arrest, and this tool can easily save a life. The first few minutes of cardiac arrest are the most crucial, and without an AED device on hand, those precious few minutes will be lost.

HeartStart FR2 Training

Phillips offers instructor led training courses on most of their products, but you can also receive training from a doctor, or paramedic. CPR training is widely available. The HeartStart AED will also assist you during a stressful situation, by giving commands for lay users in a clear, concise tone, that will help therapy administrators remain calm.

This device can instruct lay users in CPR, as well as assist users in knowing when CPR might be effective along with defibrillations. The shocks are ready within seconds, and are administered automatically, based upon information received from the ECG scan of the heart. Instructions are delivered both in clear audio, and via a screen within the device.

There are additional training tools that can be purchased for this AED, such as:

The AED Little Anne Training (complete training kit)
The AED Trainer 2
The Charger for Training and Administration Pack
The Training Toolkit
The Programming Kit, AED Trainer
The Replacement Carry Case AED Trainer
The Remote Control AED Trainer
The Adult Training Pads
The Infant/Child Training Pads
Training and Administration

What accessories are available with the HeartStart FR2+?

Accessories for the HeartStart FR2+

Accessories for the HeartStart FR2+

There are many ways to optimize your AED setup for quick response and ready access. Here are some of the available accessories that will help you:

  • Adult defibrillator pads – available in individual packs, and packs of five
  • Reduced energy pads for infants and children – these are invaluable if you work for a school or daycare. These pads will safely administer a shock to an infant or child under the age of eight.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Battery chargers for rechargeable batteries
  • ECG assessment module – AAMI
  • Carrying Cases – There is both a rigid, and semi-rigid carrying case available for this AED. These are also useful for convenient storage in an easy to reach location.
  • Pad adaptors – there are several adapters for the HeartStart FR2+, including the Medtronicâ„¢ Pads Adapte, and the Zollâ„¢ Pads Adapter.