Samaritan Pad

Samaritan PAD AED

Samaritan PAD AED

Defibrillators aren’t something to mess around – especially when the leading cause of death globally is cardiac arrest. When a cardiac crisis occurs, action needs to happen fast.

Heart attacks can cause what is known as ventricular fibrillation. This is when the heart beats too erratically. The electrical signals in the lower part of the heart are uncoordinated and ineffective, causing very little blood to be pumped from the heart into the body or lungs. This can result in cardiac arrest and if the heart does not return to a regular rhythm within 5-7 minutes, fatality could occur.

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is the device that is used to shock the heart back into regular rhythm. The AED is a small computer with an electrical current. When the current is applied to the heart, it stuns it momentarily, stopping all activity. This gives the heart a chance to restart itself and resume regular beating. A good AED might be the difference between life and death.

The Samaritan PAD is an easy to use external device that is applied outside the body immediately after cardiac arrest. This Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is to be used by the first person on-hand in a cardiac emergency. The device will walk the user through the entire process through voice prompts so the process can go as smoothly as possible. Meant for use in public areas by the general lay person, it is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The system itself weighs 2.4 lbs (including the battery), the same weight as a 24 ounce tub of sour cream. The Samaritan PAD AED also has an attached handle, which, coupled with the light weight, makes the device easy to carry and transport. Dimensions are 8.0in X 7.25in.

Samaritan PAD AED

Samaritan PAD AED

There are two buttons on the device – ON & SHOCK. This straightforward design makes it almost impossible to make a mistake or misunderstand. The system also comes with easy to understand visual and voice prompts which guide the user through the entire process of applying shock. Visual prompts include: Attach Pads, Stand Clear, Perform CPR, Shock Now, Self Tests Pass & Ready State. Other indicators are: Low Battery (at least 10 discharges remaining), audible prompt (alerts the user of electrode disconnect), service icon stops flashing if self-tests fail, no battery, or when service is required.

The device has what is called a “SCOPE Biphasic” escalating energy waveform, which means the Samaritan PAD defibrillator automatically adjusts itself to optimize energy output, minimizing excess current. The result is better performance in removing ventricular fibrillation, thus saving someone’s life.

The Pad-Pak of the Samaritan PAD AED resides inside the defibrillator and contains extra disposable batteries and electronic pads. The Pad-Pak updates all expired components at once, quickly restoring system readiness, for use at a moment’s notice. All system disposables have the same expiration date, ensuring they are all fresh with a new Pad-Pak. The user can ensure that there is not a single accessory that has is out of date. The pre-attached sensors are contained in an easily accessible drawer, thus giving the user less time connecting wires and more time responding to the emergency at hand. The Adult (Gray) Pad-Pak is for patients 8 years old or above & 55 lbs or above. The Pediatric-Pak (Pink) is for patients 1-8 years & under 55 lbs. Either cartridge can be used with the new Samaritan PAD (Model 300P). Note: Pediatric-Pak cannot be used on earlier models.

The Samaritan Pad also performs a weekly self-test to ensure dependable operation. This self test occurs on Sunday night at midnight GMT. If a fault is detected during self test the status indicator will flash red or will stop flashing.

Each system includes: Samaritan unit, Pad-Pak cartridge, zippered carrying case with clear cover and separate zippered storage compartment, data port for downloading information, quick instruction card, user manual and poster. The system is compatible with 2005 AED/CPR rescue guidelines and has a seven year warranty. The Pad-Pak shelf life is three years from the date of manufacture (pads and battery).

The Samaritan Pad comes with an optional Saver Software CD and custom USB cable. This software is an easy-to-use interface that enables the user to recover and review the events which have been recorded on the system for use with a doctor or other medical personnel. The device records the full event with an ECG strip for transfer onto a PC. There are 10 diagnostic tests for checking all LED displays, capacitor charging capability, and battery condition. The qualified user can also erase memory after the events are recorded and transferred to the PC.

Samaritan PadStandard packaging for the Samaritan Pad includes:
• Samaritan PAD: automated external defibrillator
• Carry case: holds Samaritan PAD, spare Pad-Pak and prep-kit
• 2 Pad-Paks: each Pad-Pak includes a set of defibrillation pads and a 6-hour battery capable of delivering more than 30 shocks

Samaritan Pad Accessories

The Samaritan TRAINER which incorporates 8 training scenarios. A “PAUSE” button allows unlimited time for explanations and enhanced training without interference. Units are rechargeable, volume adjustable, and can be programmed in 5 languages.

The AED Cabinet with Alarm (Operates with 9 volt battery) is the highest quality available and is ideal for most every indoor application. A way to store the system in plain sight with the sturdy wall cabinet deters theft, tampering and the elements. These cabinets are simple to install. Low maintenance optional alarms sound a piercing 120 dB warning siren when door is opened to draw immediate attention to the location.

Samaritan Defib Electrodes – Designed for optimized patient contact, minimal energy loss, a high quality low noise ECG for display and analysis, plus accurate measurement of patient impedance to ensure optimized defibrillation energy delivery. In convenient sealed packs with a 2-year shelf life, Samaritan Defib Electrodes have excellent adhesion, smooth contours, and minimal patient discomfort for superior performance when needed with a simple and easy connection to the Samaritan AED. They come in two packages: SDE 002 (Intl), SDE 201 (US) – 2 pair of electrodes or SDE 010 (Intl), SDE 210 (US) – 10 pair of electrodes.

Samaritan Defibrillation pad (1 set) for the AED Trainer 1 set of Defibrillator Electrodes for use with the Samaritan AED Trainer.

Samaritan Trainer Nylon Carry Case – A custom designed case meant for carrying the Samaritan TRAINER. Each case has integral storage space to carry: 1x AED, 1-prep kit, 2 sets of electrodes, 1 battery charger, and a quick instruction card.

AED Wall Sign V-Shaped – AED wall sign v-shaped. Measures 8-1/2″ x 11″ on each surface.
Samaritan Pad is a life-saving device. Cardiac arrest is a sudden condition that is fatal if not treated within a few minutes. Samaritan Pad has taken its technology and made it easy to use even for the person with minimal training.