Defibtech Lifeline View

Defibtech Lifeline View

Defibtech Lifeline View

The Defibtech Lifeline View is a revolutionary automatic external defibrillator (AED). Defibtech is an award winning American company whose focus is exclusively to make the best AEDs on the market.  All of their AEDs are manufactured in the United States in state-of-the-art certified facilities. Defibtech has won many awards for its business and medical design. Among the awards won  defibtech’s Lifeline family of AEDs was honored with a Design of the Decade Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), winning a silver award in the category of Most Successful Integration of New Technology in December 2010. The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED in particular was recognized by the 24th annual Excellence in Design Awards Competition with a Silver Award in the medical equipment category in May 2011.

The Lifeline View is the first and currently the only AED, automated external defibrillator, with a full color interactive display that not only gives you step-by-step instructions for use but also gives a video demonstration of each step.  Other AEDs give instruction on what to do in a stressful emergency situation but now you’ll be able to see it in full color to give you the peace of mind to help you save lives.

The display shows high resolution full motion graphics in vibrant colors even under conditions with the brightest lighting.  There are text prompts that are clear and easy to read.  In noisy conditions where you may not be able to hear the voice instructions, the video gives that extra bit of instruction in those all important moments.  The lifeline View’s video is not dependent on language.  That means even if you don’t understand English, the videos will still be able to instruct you.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest, SCA is the number one killer in America claiming over 400,000 lives each year.  The common belief is that it only can affect the elderly, overweight, and sickly.  Realistically though, cardiac arrest strikes people of all age groups, genders and fitness level.  Sadly, the typical survival rate is dismally around 5% because the necessary lifesaving equipment doesn’t make it in time.  Without treatment, victims of SCA have only minutes to live.  Each minute someone goes without treatment the survival rate goes down exponentially and the chances for brain damage increase.  However, with an AED device and quick response, SCA is readily treatable and chances of survival can increase to well over 50%.

The Lifeline View is both a Coach and Trainer

The Lifeline View is a trainer & coach.

The Lifeline View is a trainer & coach.

The Defibtech Lifeline View is easy enough to use that even a novice with no training can use it.  It is also a valuable tool for those with various levels of training.  Even if you’ve had training in CPR, the pressure of an emergency situation could make you doubt yourself and lose precious time.  As a coach, the View will show you when and how many compressions to perform.  It will count out the compressions for you like a metronome.  It will also tell you when to give rescue breaths and when to pause for a shock if necessary.  As a trainer, the video will demonstrate where to place your hands and how to perform the compressions and rescue breathing.   You can choose the level of training you have on the fly to accommodate your individual needs.  If you are a trained user and feel comfortable with CPR you can choose chest compressions and rescue breathing.  If you’re uncomfortable with rescue breathing you can switch that off for compression only CPR.  For use with child or infant pads, the View will automatically adjust for whichever pad is plugged in and also show the correct video.

The Lifeline View is also an excellent choice for training situations as it gives clear and easy to understand text, voice, and video instruction.  The help topics menu can replay all of the videos so when emergencies happen, you can be ready for quick response through practice.

Award Winning Design is even more sleek and durable

Defibtech has won many awards from the medical community for the design of its AEDs.  The Lifeline View is even smaller than its predecessor weighing less than 3lbs with the battery.  The rubberized grips make it extremely easy to hold and the ergonomic design makes it feel secure in your hands.  The self-contained unit has a storage slot for pads so that everything you need is ready and at your hands.  The unit is small enough that it can be available virtually anywhere even when traveling.

Designed to be ready wherever needed, he unit is extremely durable. The Lifeline View has been through rigorous testing to ensure it’s always ready to perform.   Even through a wide variety of environmental settings, this unit is exceptional.

  • Suitable to use and store in temperatures from 32 to 122 degrees F.
  • Highest rating in drop and shock tests in the even the unit is bumped or dropped
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Suitable for use in high vibration settings, including jet aircraft, helicopters, and boats
  • Highest rating in crush test  up to 1000lbs

Always Know When your AED is ready

When cardiac arrest strikes is no time to be wondering if your AED is functional.  The Lifeline View has clear and easy to read status indication with a one-touch status screen so you’ll know at a glance if your AED is ready for rescue use.  A bright, active status indicator light lets you know the unit is ready.   While most other AEDs signal if there’s a problem, the View runs extensive daily self-tests to be sure that it’s working properly.  The one-touch status screen gives valuable information instantly such as the operational status, battery and pad, expiration dates and even the serial number-  all without turning it on.

Easy to Maintain

A major problem with AEDs is maintenance.  Not so with the Lifeline View.  The status screen will clearly show if maintenance is required and then will give step-by-step guidance. A built in help menu helps maintain the unit easily by giving detailed full color video instructions on how to perform functions like changing the battery, replacing the pads, checking the status, or replacing the data card.

The typical battery life is 4 years on standby mode and the unit capacity is 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous operation.

Upgrade Ready

As technology and science changes, the Lifeline View can as well  with easy to understand video instruction in the field.  The help menu can quickly show how to make sure your unit isn’t obsolete by upgrading through USB cable or data card.

Data Documentation

The Internal Event Record saves critical ECG and rescue event parameters for over 60 minutes and can be downloaded to a removable data card so that when help arrives this critical data can be transferred to the emergency staff.  The optional removable storage can hold up to 30 hours of ECG and event data with no audio or up to 3 hours of audio on a removable data card.  The actual length of storage is dependent on the card capacity.  The data can be transferred by USB or the data card.

Safe and Effective Technology

The Lifeline VIEW uses biphasic technology, which is a clinically proven waveform and algorithm to deliver shocks. Evaluation in hundreds of publications has demonstrated this technology to be the safest and most effective when it comes to saving lives.